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November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of the Violence Against Women

There are no small aggressions
Gijón/Xixón City council in collaboration with the Consejo de Asociaciones de Mujeres de Concejo (Women Associations Council from the Municipality), is paying tribute to the victims of male violence, due to the International Day for the Elimination of the Violence Against Women, placing value throughout November the fight carried out by the Women Associations against male violence.

With the motto "There no small aggressions" we want to give visibility to all the types of male violence and claim that there are no small aggressions when it comes to gender-based violence.

Women suffer male violence in their domestic environment, in their work spaces, during their leisure time… It's necessary to recognize microaggressions, denounce sexist violence, sexual harassment or gender-based violence, psychological violence and daily aggressions suffered by women, because we don't want to keep being accomplices, because we don't find it funny. We are especially shaken by murders carried out by partners or former partners but we want to estate that murder is the last link on the chain, murderers begin with other small behaviors that are then increased; the women murdered have suffered for many years small and bigger aggressions, that's why we want to remark "There are no small aggressions".

All the people and entities are summoned on November 25th to make a condemnation act at 12:00 at the Kiosco de la Música, Paseo de Begoña, to give visibility to the citizens' solidarity with male aggression victims.